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What are the humanities? English, Philosophy, History, Religion, Arts, Languages – the humanities are comprised of these and other subjects that study the depths of human culture. In the Humanities@Work program, you will have your choice of unique courses to study in all of the following skill-oriented theme areas:

The ability to examine information, collect reliable facts, and construct logical arguments are all increasingly desired skills. To take in information, make conclusions, and form opinions for yourself are learned behaviors that start in the classroom.

Example course offerings:

  • Argumentation and Persuasion
  • Foundations of Literary Studies
  • Film Criticism

There is a common misconception that flexing the right-side brain is only for the artist type. We believe anyone with an imagination (which is everyone) has creativity within them – we just need to uncover it! Being a creative and innovative thinker will be an asset to any career.

Example course offerings:

  • Graphic Design Principles
  • Acting
  • Writing Workshop: Screenwriting for Film & TV

It's very unlikely you'll go your entire career, let alone life, never having to collaborate with a group of people. These courses will teach you the importance of working together to reach a mutually beneficial goal.

Example course offerings:

  • Excursions in Mathematics
  • Riots and Disorder in America
  • Directing

Like all these skills, communication is not just essential to your career – it's essential to your life. Wherever your path takes you, you'll need to be able to effectively convey your ideas, opinions, needs, beliefs, and more, both written and verbally.

Example course offerings:

  • Public Speaking
  • Journalistic Writing
  • Writing for the Professional

The ability to persuade an audience by successfully appealing to their emotions is a powerful skill, which is why emotional intelligence also requires a strong moral compass. Sharpen both in this theme area.

Example course offerings:

  • Religious & Personal Growth
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Contemporary Moral Problems

As technology continues to expand our ability to communicate on a much larger scale, broadening our understanding of the world has become increasingly important. Build an awareness of global history, issues, cultures, and more with these unique courses.

Example course offerings:

  • Intercultural Communication
  • Introduction to World Religions
  • Enlightenment & Revolution: 1648-1815

"Our choice is not one...of science or the humanities. What we must learn to do is to create unbreakable bonds between the sciences and the humanities."  

Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt

How do I apply these skills?

Prepare for an entire field
Humanities@Work is intended for the student who wants to graduate college prepared to take on an entire field of careers, rather than one specific job.

As an incoming freshman, maybe you’re unsure about your future career, but you know you’re interested in the field of art, culture, and entertainment. Enroll in Humanities@Work and take a variety of courses that will sharpen the skills essential to pursuing a career in that field:

  • Take a playwriting workshop to exercise your imaginative thinking
  • A public speaking class to overcome nerves and strengthen verbal communication
  • Discover your digital creativity in graphic design principles
  • Explore a course in ethics to deepen your emotional intelligence

With these skills honed throughout four years, you’ll be ready to take on the world of art, culture, and entertainment in a variety of different jobs within the field; for example: as a content specialist, gallery manager, marketing associate, television writer, graphic artist – your possibilities will be wide-open!

Prepare for graduate school
There are so many interesting career paths that require a masters degree. Humanities@Work is the ideal program for students who are not ready to commit to a career as an undergraduate.

Say you have an interest in helping people, but you don't know exactly how you want to pursue that passion yet: art therapy? lawyer? advice columnist? With Humanities@Work, you can explore a variety of art, business, and writing courses without having to commit to one major!

After four years of exploring your strongest skills and greatest passions, then you can choose to go on to law school, a master's in art therapy, or even decide not to pursue a graduate degree and try your hand at journalism.

These are just a few examples of how you can shape your career and create your own path to changing the world with the Humanities@Work program. 

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