Succeeding academically starts with staying well.

Health Services office

Not feeling well can be scary and frustrating, especially when you’re away from home. When all you want is to curl up in bed with a bowl of homemade chicken soup, let us help you get well.

The Mount’s Health Services Office is here to help you get better and stay well. We offer a number of services for our students’ health management as well as hold events throughout the year that promote wellness and healthy living.

Appointments are highly encouraged, however, we do accept walk-ins.

Student Health and COVID-19 Protocol

Mount Saint Mary College has protocols in place for students who become symptomatic. These protocols are designed to keep the Mount community as safe as possible while also getting ill students the help they need to recover.
All Students During Business Hours:  Students who feel ill during regular hours must immediately call Health Services at 845-569-3152.  Students must not go to class or anywhere else on campus prior to calling Health Services. The Health Services staff will triage the student over the phone and instruct them on next steps. If a student suddenly feels ill in class, the student must leave class, socially distance greater than 6 feet from everyone, keep their mask on unless having breathing difficulties, and call Health Services immediately.
Resident Students After Hours: If a resident student feels ill after hours, the student should stay in their room or current location, socially distance greater than 6 feet from everyone, keep their mask on unless having breathing difficulties, and call Security. The security officer will assist them in next steps. The phone number for the Office of Security and Safety is 845-569-3200.
Commuter Students:  If a student feels ill prior to coming to school, they must call Health Services at 845-569-3152. Commuter Students who are feeling ill should NEVER report to campus prior to calling Health Services. The Health Services Staff will instruct them regarding next steps. 
All students should put the numbers for Security and Health Services into their phones.  If in doubt of what you should do and there is no emergency, please call Security or Health Services, and you will receive further instructions.

Learn more about COVID policies here

Freshmen and Transfer Student Immunization requirements

All immunization and health forms

New York State Public Health Law requires all students to show proof of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella AND provide documentation of meningitis vaccination or waiver. Any student who has not complied with these above requirements 30 days from the first day of class will be dismissed. MSMC requires all full-time undergraduates to submit a current physical and fill out online health history forms with tuberculosis screening questionnaire. 

Information about NYS immunization requirements can be found here

Please go to the student health portal to upload and submit all health documentation and requirements. Click here for instructions. 

Mack the Knight sitting in Health Services waving.

Our Services

Please note that all services received are confidential. Students may choose to disclose their health visits to their families, but we cannot release any health information to anyone without a student’s written permission.

Get a minor injury or feel unwell? Stop by the Health Services Office, and our team will be happy to see you for evaluation and treatment. Reasons for visiting include sore throat, runny nose, pink eye, allergies, common cold, fever, sprains, soreness, and more. Visits are free of charge, by appointment only.

No need to go home for your physical - we can take care of that for you right here! Appointments are required, and students will be charged $50 for the visit.

We offer Tdap (Tetanus and Pertussis), Td (Tetanus), PPD (for tuberculosis), and influenza vaccinations. Student accounts are charged a nominal fee for the vaccinations:

Tdap/Td: $40

Influenza (flu): $15 (seasonal)

PPD: $5

We also offer allergy injections for students who require them.

Our office can also help you obtain over-the-counter and prescription medications as needed. Over-the-counter medications are free of charge, while students will be charged a nominal fee for prescription medications.

Health Services offers frequent tabling events throughout the semester. Follow the Student Wellness Center on Instagram for upcoming events. 

Well-Knights Podcast

With a variety of topics ranging from health to general well-being, Well-Knights is a podcast designed to give the MSMC community bite sized information to help them focus on wellness. New episodes monthly! Click here to listen!

Well-Knights Podcast logo


Need a place to relax? Book some time in our stress-less room, featuring a massage chair, soft lighting, and meditative music.

Mack the Knight in the Stress-Less Room.

If students need long-term or additional care that we cannot provide (ie. x-rays, surgery, long-term interventions), then we will refer you to an off-campus provider, which will be charged through your health insurance.

Health Supplies to Bring to College

Don't forget to bring these important health necessities to school with you!

  • Any medications taken routinely (prescription and non-prescription)
  • Knowledge of any allergies
  • Health insurance card
  • Digital thermometer
  • Basic first aid supplies (Bandaids, etc.)
  • Acetominophen or ibuprofen
  • Other non-prescription medications, such as decongestants, cough medicine, antibiotic cream, and hydrocortisone cream

Mack the Knight in Health Services answering the phone.

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