A Place to Call Your Own

Perhaps you already have your room’s theme all picked out, or maybe you’re a bit nervous about living away from home for the first time. No matter your level of excitement about living on campus, the Office of Residence Life is here to make you feel at home.

Where You'll Live

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“I’ve both lived on campus and commuted in my time at the Mount. While I did love being at home, living on campus was not only more convenient for classes, but also allowed me to build stronger friendships because I was able to see my friends whenever! It allowed me to get involved in campus life more than I was able to when I commuted, as I didn’t have to worry about traveling back and forth.” - Sierra Caban ’21

Five reasons to live on campus

Students in living room

  1. Close to everything: You know that 8 am class or 6 am swim practice? Those get even earlier when you count travel time. Living on campus means you’re close to classes, friends, activities, sports practices, and everything that makes up the college experience.
  2. Community: When you live on campus, your community is literally right down the hall from you. What other opportunity will you have to live next door to all your best friends?
  3. Get involved: It’s a fact: you’re more likely to be involved on campus by living here. You just can’t beat the convenience factor of being able to walk across campus for a 10 pm club meeting versus driving back to school.
  4. Independence: It’s like living on your own with a little help when you need it. Living on campus is a fantastic way to learn how to live on your own, while also being able to rely on the support of your RA and Security in a pinch.
  5. It’s all here: Need a book from the library? Want to hold a late night study session in the lab? Desperately craving some Mac Bites around midnight? All of your on-campus resources are just a few minutes’ walk away.

Not your average room

One of the most satisfying things we hear on a campus tour is the surprised “whoa” when students and families see our residence halls for the first time. These aren’t your typical old-fashioned college dorm rooms; they feature private bathrooms for first-year students and enough room for personal space (you want to be close emotionally to your roommate, not physically). You won’t find any cinder block walls here - it’s our goal that you’ll see your room as a personal oasis in which to relax and make memories.


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