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Meet the Residence Life team! We are student and adult workers with the mission of making your living experience safe, comfortable, and fun.

Director of Residence Life

The Director of Residence Life is supervises the Residence Life staff and overall operation of Residence Life including programming and crisis intervention.

Coordinators and Resident Directors

Our Coordinators and Resident Directors are professional, live-in staff members who supervise their residential area and its resident assistants. They also focus on programming and building community with students and maintaining a safe and healthy living environment for the residents. Coordinators and RDs conduct personal and judicial meetings with the students whenever necessary. There is a resident director on duty seven days a week, beginning at 5 pm during the weekdays, and all day on the weekends.

Resident Assistants

Each floor has an upperclassman student called a Resident Assistant (RA) who is your lifeline for everything related to living on campus (and beyond!). This student will be your mentor on living away from home for the first time. Whether you have a maintenance request, need help resolving a conflict with your roommate, or just want someone to talk to, your RA is like a cool, older sibling, ready to guide you and help however they can.

RA NickMeet RA Nick!

Nick is the senior RA for Sakac Hall. 

  • Class Year: 2021
  • Major: Psychology / Minors: Criminology & English
  • Involved in: Criminology Club, Catholic Relief Services, Dominican Scholars of Hope, Habitat for Humanity, Psi Chi, Story Knights, Writing Center tutor
  • Fun fact: I’m a competitive bowler.
  • Favorite thing about being an RA: “The interactions that I have with students about their transition process to college. I always recommend that students reach out to me or come knocking on my door to utilize me as a resource to other campus resources. I love interacting with my residents on a daily basis, as it allows me to connect and learn about them in a more relaxed and comfortable way.”

More about Nick

RA TaylorMeet RA Taylor!

Taylor is the senior RA for the Dominican Center.

  • Class Year: 2022
  • Major: Nursing
  • Involved in: Student Nurses’ Association
  • Fun fact: My favorite season is summer. Summer is the best because it includes my birthday, going to the beach, wearing flip flops, and sunshine!
  • Favorite thing about being an RA: “The family aspect of Residence Life. There is always someone someone to talk to, to help you, and guide you through challenges. Someone will always be there to help you, and most likely, there will be someone who knows what you’re going through.

RA SydneyMeet RA Sydney!

Sydney is the senior RA for the College Courts.

  • Class Year: 2021
  • Major: Nursing
  • Involved in: President of the Student Nurses’ Association
  • Fun fact: I enjoy archery.
  • Favorite thing about being an RA: “My favorite thing about being an RA is the relationship established between the resident assistants and the faculty and staff members on campus.”

Residence Life

Each building or area also has a full-time adult staff member who lives on campus and is available as a resource for students. The Resident Director (RD) oversees RAs and handles any residential disciplinary action.

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