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Have you ever wished you could have a guide to walk you through college, someone to answer your questions and support your transition? Enter your academic coach, aka your personal cheerleader.

Academic coaching through the Office of Student Success means you have your own personal mentor. Whether you’re struggling in a certain class, having trouble figuring out what you want to do in life, or just need to vent, that’s why we’re here. Our trained coaches are ready to walk you through this journey and cheer you on all the way to graduation.

“OSS has helped me in many ways this year. The coaches have helped me not only with my academics but also with my personal life. Meg was always there to push me to do my best and work on strategies to be my most successful self. If you ever need anything I truly recommend going into OSS. They will certainly welcome you with open arms.” - Krista Gross '23

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  • Academic coaching - Each first year student is assigned an academic coach to meet with throughout their first year and beyond. Our coaches are “transition experts,” ready to help you work on skills like time management, test-taking, utilizing campus resources, and more.
  • Undeclared advisement - Our office also acts as academic advisors for undeclared students, helping them explore their options and find a major that fits their interests and goals.
  • Tutoring - The Office of Student Success also oversees free peer tutoring in either one-on-one or small group format for most academic subjects.
  • Student Transition and Engagement Program - STEP offers a specialized transition program for first year students exhibiting non-traditional academic profiles but high potential for success with additional guidance. Students are selected based on their admissions application and invited to campus early for a bridge transition program and additional services throughout their first year.

“Whenever I was finished with eating or a class had just concluded, I would always pop my head into the office. They would always ask me how my day was and if I needed help and how life outside of academics was. I also really loved the way that even if I was having a bad day or something, they would all try to help out.”

Patrick Fontana ’23
Patrick Fontana ’23
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