- by Dayna Dwyer, Academic Coach

Registration is one of the most nail biting moments of any student’s semester. Waking up at 7:00 AM and making a mad dash toward your laptop, no coffee even in sight yet. We’ve put together some tips to help you through the process with the least amount of stress possible.

  1. Advising Months
    During the months of March and November, students should plan to meet with their Academic Coach and their Academic Advisor in their major area of study to formulate a plan for the next semester. The purpose of these meetings is to ensure that students are on the right track per their academic program and are taking all of the necessary and mandatory classes in order to stay on track for graduation. You’ll want to meet with your Coach and Advisor to determine which classes you will be registering for.
  2. Have “Back Up” Classes
    Sometimes the classes you want to take are full before you are able to register for them. In these cases, it is smart to have some “back up” classes that you could register for that also meet your academic requirements. For example, “I want to take U.S. History 1, but if it is full, I can take World History 1 instead.” This way, if a class is unexpectedly full and you cannot register for it, you already know what your next option is!
  3. Know About the Add/Drop Period
    The add/drop period ends after the first of week of every semester. Students have the opportunity to add classes to their schedule, or drop classes that they previously registered for, until the end of the add/drop period. Once this period ends, students are no longer able to add classes to their schedule, and if one wants to drop a class, they will no longer receive a 100% refund for said class. The dates of the add/drop period are crucial for students to know!
  4. Know When Your Registration Date and Time Begins, and Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Register!
    Students are given a registration date and time, which indicates when they can begin registering for classes. The important thing is to know when your registration time period is, which can be found on your personal portal page. In addition to knowing your registration time, do not wait until the last minute to register for classes! Classes fill up quickly, and the longer you wait, the less of an opportunity you have to get into the classes that you really need or want. We always recommend registering as early as you can once your registration period begins, and if changes have to be made after you register, they can be done so appropriately.
  5. Find Out if You Have Any Holds on Your Account
    Holds on your account may prevent you from registering for classes. The reason for a hold on your account can vary. Students may have a hold due to an outstanding balance on their account, an Advisor hold, which requires a student to meet with their Academic Advisor before the hold is lifted, a hold from the Athletic Department, etc. It is important to determine if there is a hold on your account before you register, as that may hold up your registration process. Resolve any holds before registration begins, so you can register for the classes you need before they fill up.
  6. The Most Important - There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Schedule!
    We all want the perfect schedule - no 8:00am classes, two classes in a row with no long breaks, done by noon, and no classes on Fridays. This is not realistic! For some students, this may work out for them, and in that case, good for you! However, for the vast majority of students, a perfect schedule does not exist. You want to choose classes based on what you need and are interested in, and not so much on what time and/or day a class is offered. Some classes you need may only be available one day and/or time. Do not go into registration with the idea that you are going to get a perfect schedule. Go into registration with your only expectation being to register for the classes you need to ensure you are on the right track for graduation.

Any questions? Ask one of the Academic Coaches in the Office of Student Success!