Christina Alvey

Christina Alvey, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

As an undergraduate I attended North Central College, a small liberal arts school close to home in Illinois. While I was able to graduate in only three years due to the large number of credits I earned while in high school, I took advantage of so many opportunities during this time, including a semester-long study abroad experience in Moscow, Russia. I also worked with some of my professors on research projects that ultimately inspired me to pursue graduate school in mathematics and become a professor myself. After earning a PhD in mathematics at Purdue University, I am now entering my fourth year at Mount Saint Mary College as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and couldn’t be happier! When I am not teaching, I enjoy playing cooperative board games and video games. I am also a member of a local square dance club, and wrote my undergraduate honors thesis on the mathematics of square dancing, something that most students probably don’t know about me!

Something that students do know about me (I hope!) is that I love having office hours! Probably the easiest way to get in touch with me, aside from email, is to stop by the Math/IT office. (P.S. If you are sending me an email, it is probably a good idea to sign your name! One of my biggest pet peeves is emails with no signatures – it’s so much easier to read an email and not have to guess the sender based on MSMC ID.) Even if it is not during my regularly scheduled office hours, I’m generally available and happy to talk. These times exist not only for you to get your questions answered about the material, but also to get to know your professors better. You never know what conversations will be helpful to you as you progress in your studies and through life in general. During the first few weeks of classes, stop by during office hours (or any other random time) and introduce yourself! Meeting with my professors when I was a student directly impacted my career decisions and I strive to give my students even better opportunities!

Hope you have a wonderful semester,

Dr. Alvey

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