Feel the beat with the Dance Team. Vibe at a Gaming Group Extra Life fundraiser or Knights Fashion show. Or make a change with Hands and Hearts or Sustain MSMC. Whatever your passion, you’re sure to find others who appreciate it too.

Don’t see anything that sparks your interest? You can always create your own club!

How to Join a Club

At the beginning of each semester, we hold a Club Fair where you can meet with club representatives and sign up, or you can join a club any time during the semester by visiting the Student Engagement Office in Hudson Hall. If you’re interested in learning more about any of our clubs, please email Clubs@my.msmc.edu.


American Chemical Society

The American Chemical Society is open to all those curious about chemistry. This club is for both science and non-science students who wish to explore this stimulating field within a nationally recognized association. The ACS sponsors science programs on-campus, as well as outreach to elementary school students.

Criminology Club

The Criminology Club allows individuals who are interested in the field of criminology to come together and share their passion for the field with like-minded individuals. In this club those who want to have opportunities to learn more about careers and to participate in problem solving activities such as murder mystery events, escape rooms, and more!

Finance & Investment Club

Our club’s purpose is to explore the field of finance and how finance functions within the economy as a whole. Through hosting club meetings, inviting guest speakers, and planning other activities, our ultimate goal is for our members to enhance their knowledge on the finance industry. Open to all Mount students and their respective majors, we welcome all students who are interested.

Healthcare Management Society

The purpose of this organization is to unite students in the Healthcare Management major or those who have an interest in the healthcare industry This organization aims to initiate the cultivation of like-minded individuals at Mount Saint Mary College to obtain more knowledge about the field of Health Management.


The purpose of this organization shall be to appreciate philosophy at a deeper level, to understand the value of what it means to think philosophically, by going over different methods, styles, teaching, and histories of classical, medieval, modern, and contemporary philosophers. Most of the meetings will consist of a new single topic and this topic will be examined from multiple perspectives.

Pre-Law Society

The MSMC Pre-Law Society is dedicated to enhancing the minds of those who want to be introduced into the area of law, both as a profession and a guiding light for society. This will aid in increasing the understanding of legal practitioners and the role that the law has in societies.

Student Business Association

The purpose of this organization is to organize activities that benefit the entire student body and provide meaningful career-related activities to do outside of the classroom that involve leadership opportunities. To bring together the business students of MSMC and educate them on real life experiences in the business world. Also, to better the community with the diverse knowledge of our business students.

Student Nurses' Association

The Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) is a club for all nursing students at the Mount. The club runs events on and off campus, benefitting the students and the surrounding community. Some of our most notable events are multiple on-campus blood drives, flu clinics, Stop the Bleed Trainings, Narcan Trainings, and many more. In addition to the events we run, we work hand and hand with the School of Nursing faculty and staff to facilitate discussions and help the nursing students to succeed. Lastly, SNA spearheads the organization and planning of the Pinning Ceremony, which is held in May, for the graduating nurses.


Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) is a club that strives to foster a sense of belonging and community for black students at Mount Saint Mary College. We connect with students by providing safe spaces on campus that inhibits inclusion. The BSU offers a platform for black students to share their experiences, perspectives, and aspirations with each other and with the wider campus community. The BSU also hosts events, workshops, and speakers that celebrate the diversity and richness of black culture and history, as well as raise awareness and action on issues that affect black people locally and globally. The BSU invites all students who are interested in learning from and supporting the black community to join the club. By becoming a member of the BSU, you will be part of a vibrant and inclusive group that honors your identity, voice, and vision.

Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA)

Mount Saint Mary College's Gender and Sexualities Alliance, GSA for short, is a safe place for all. We provide a sense of community for LGBTQAI+ students and their allies. We also provide the campus with education around LGBTQIA+ identities, including opportunities for open and inclusive conversation.

Latin-X Student Union (LSU)

Latin-X Student Union is all about a safe space. We are a club that shows representatives to all Hispanic countries and cultures. As a club we are building to spread recognition and success in the Hispanic community.

Sustain MSMC

Sustain is a club that is dedicated to promoting awareness, providing education, and creating activities to enhance and protect our environment. The goal of Sustain is to work toward making Mount Saint Mary College a more environmentally friendly place and give students the opportunity to play a part in that.

Performance, Activity, and Creativity

Anime Club

Anime Club is run by and filled with people who enjoy Japanese animation and storytelling. Joining our club guarantees a nice time to relax and enjoy watching and discussing anime each week and attending fun events!

Club Nintendo

Are you a fan of Nintendo or video games in general? This club aims to bring together gamers of any skill level to learn, play, and have fun! Whether you hardly play games or are a pro, all are welcome! Each week will feature a different selection of games to play as well as some absorbing trivia, not to mention snacks! Drop by for the games, stick around for the vibes with Club Nintendo!

Dance Team

Join our talented Dance Team! The team choreographs routines to be performed during halftime at the men’s and women's home basketball games as well as other college functions. Spread school spirit on campus as you leap into this exciting time in your life.

Disney Club

The Disney Club is meant for anyone who wants to relax and be a part of a community on campus. We aim to provide entertaining events such as movie nights and games with great prizes. Disney movie nights tend to be later at night with refreshments such as candy, popcorn, and beverages provided. Movie nights are a no stress come and go as you wish event. Our game nights are fun and have amazing prizes to be won. We’re excited to see you there!

Get Creative

Get Creative is a club that allows students to express themselves creatively! Everyone can learn to craft, we are all more creative than we think. Everyone is welcome regardless of artistic ability. Join us in learning to craft and create projects big and small! Our goal is to provide a fun environment where crafting leads to both new friends and abilities!

Knights Fashion

Knights Fashion is the Mount’s very own Fashion Club. In Knights Fashion, our goal is to target students who have an interest in the fashion world. We plan to provide a safe place for all students, providing opportunities for creative freedom through fashion. We plan on hosting an annual Fashion Show on campus and meeting for smaller events throughout the year, consisting of but not limited to pop-up shops, photography shoots and more.

Last Friday Knight

Last Friday Knight is a comedy / video production club founded in 2022 with the goal of bringing entertainment to the Mount. LFK works swiftly to produce content for our social media accounts, and to bring about a sense of unity and pride within the Mount community.

MSMC Fit Life

Welcome to MSMC Fit Life. Want to start working out but don’t know how? Want to change your diet but don’t know where to start? With MSMC Fit Life we can help you break bad habits and create a healthy lifestyle! Come join the fun and meet new friends with similar goals. In the upcoming year, we are planning to have multiple events including grip test strengthening, contests with prizes, catering, and so much more!!!!


Hands and Hearts

Catholic Relief Services is an organization composed of Student Ambassadors that seeks to help those in poverty on local, national, and international levels through a series of service outreach projects, awareness campaigns, and fundraisers.

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