Fostering a Creative Campus

In addition to several creative student clubs, the Mount community also offers additional co-curricular activities to pursue your creativity.

MSMC Theatre

Looking to tap into your inner thespian? Whether you’re a theatre veteran or first-time performer, MSMC Theatre is the place where you’ll find your family on campus (sometimes literally: two of our alums got engaged at the end of a production one time!). Each semester, the MSMC Theatre cast works with Professor Phillips to put on a memorable three-day performance for the community. Even outside of practice, however, you’ll find our theatre members are a tight-knit group with a spot for anyone. So give it a try; we promise you won’t regret it.

View photos from some of our most recent productions:

MSMC Choir

The MSMC Choir sings at the annual Vespers service each December as well as performing a concert in the spring semester. Technically, participating in choir is part of a class, but students end up loving it so much that they continue to come back semester after semester. Lift your voice, gain some vocal skills, and make lifelong memories.

Mount Messenger

Extra, extra, read all about it! The Mount Messenger is the college’s student-run newspaper. Gain experience writing and editing and help keep the Mount community up to date on the latest news.

Mount Media

Mount Media, established in 2011 at Mount Saint Mary College, is a digital video production club at MSMC which invites students from not only the Media Studies Program, but other majors as well, to write, shoot, and edit in-house video content for MSMC. 

Click here for more information about Mount Media.