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Minor in Theatre Arts and Music

Now’s your time to shine. A minor in Theatre Arts and Music allows you to grow and share your talents on stage by combining two performance-based fields: theater and music. Through this minor, you’ll gain confidence, technique, and a greater understanding of and appreciation for these arts.

Why study Theatre Arts and Music

Here’s what makes the Mount’s Theatre Arts and Music minor unique:

Students acting

  • Deeper appreciation: It’s not just about performing. Our Theatre Arts and Music courses will also offer you opportunities to better appreciate the historical and cultural impacts of these genres. You’ll study the impact that creativity has on the world and society, and also get to contribute to it!
  • Find a family: The Theatre and Music programs at the Mount are tight-knit, and students often have the opportunity to perform together all four years. The bonds and memories made through these experiences last a lifetime!
  • Best of both: You don’t have to choose between your love of theater and your love of music. Minor in both! Sometimes, our Theatre and Music programs will even join forces on a musical production where you can show off both of your acting and singing skills.

“The Mount was the first place I performed. The Aquinas mainstage became my home away from home and helped me develop the courage to break into the world of entertainment. These moments inspired me to put my voice into the world.”

Joseph Mastando '14 Creative Marketing Director and Lead Singer of Pros and iCons
Joseph Mastando '14 Creative Marketing Director and Lead Singer of Pros and iCons

What to expect as a Theatre Arts and Music minor

9 credits in Theatre Arts | 9 credits in Music

Learn about Theatre Arts and Music academic requirements and courses here.

The Theatre Arts and Music minor can be declared by any major. The six required courses fit easily into most programs’ elective credits.

As a Theatre Arts and Music minor, you’ll take both theater and music courses to complete your requirements. The only requirement is that three credits must be taken in a performance-based class such as Acting or Voice Workshop; the rest are up to you! You can take classes like Directing, Opera in New York, Beatles/Music of the 60s, Theater for School, and more.

Theatre Arts and Music minors often enjoy getting involved in performance-based extracurricular activities as well, such as our improv club or Knight Notes a capella group.

Be prepared for your future

The transferable skills offered by studying Theatre Arts and Music are beneficial for any field. Theatre Arts and Music students are used to working under tight deadlines, have excellent oral communication and memory skills, and know how to take direction and work collaboratively with others — skills that any employer will appreciate.

The minor also helps to prepare students who are interested in theatre and music-based careers such as playwriting, acting, singing, performance, and more.

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