Mount Media, established in 2011 at Mount Saint Mary College, is a creative agency formed by Dean Goldberg, associate professor of Communication Arts and Film Studies within the Division of Arts and Letters, with the object of placing CMA students into professional real-world situations. The Mount’s Communication Arts program fosters creativity and excellence. Students looking for a career in digital video production, digital photography, or non-linear video editing have access to a studio/editing suite with the latest equipment, and the Mount Media crew for authentic experience.

“Mount Media is the perfect combination of hands-on, real-world training in an academic environment. I encourage all students with the career goals of public relations, journalism, and production to come and work with our not-for-profit clients.” - Professor Dean Goldberg

A short list of productions includes:

  • Nora Cronin Presentation Academy
  • Habitat for Humanity of Newburgh
  • The Newburgh Ministry
  • The Bishop Dunn Memorial School
  • Bishop Dunn Day camp
  • Women of Achievement of Orange County
  • Elant Care facilities
  • The Women of Lockerbie (MSMC theatre production dir. James Phillips)
  • Book of Days (MSMC theatre production dir. James Phillips)
  • Family Literacy Happens in Newburgh (Newburgh Armory)
  • Newburgh Rising: A Photographers for Hope Journey

Before becoming a full-time academic, Professor Goldberg headed an award-wining advertising and branding agency. Previous to that, he wrote and produced numerous television shows featuring dramatic re-enactments as well as many national political campaigns.

Now, Goldberg fosters young talent, leading to recent successes by Mount Media students including “The Ripple Effect,” which debuted last April at Habitat for Humanity’s annual breakfast. The film included interviews with Cathy Collins, executive director of Newburgh Habitat as well as families who have benefited from the organization’s charitable work; and local business owners.

Most recently, the national premier of "Newburgh Rising: A Photographers for Hope Journey" occurred here at Mount Saint Mary College. The documentary follows nine photographers from around the globe as they captured Newburgh through their own personal perspectives. Led by photo-journalist David Burnett and his wife Iris, a political writer and lecturer, the Photographers for Hope emerged with a panoramic and engaging exhibition. The film is a close-up look at the people who live, work, and dream of making Newburgh great.

Of that work and the work of Mount Media, Professor Goldberg explains, “Our mission is to produce videos, promos, and shows that reflect our diverse community.”

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