Write here, write now.

We get it - writing can be scary for a lot of people! Maybe you don’t feel like an adequate writer in general, or you’re worried about the specifics of college-level writing like sentence structure and citations. Never fear - the Mount’s Writing Center is here to help you not just on that individual paper, but also to become a better writer overall.

Better writers, not better papers

Our Writing Center isn’t just a “fix-it” shop; we’re here to help through all stages of the writing process, no matter the subject. By signing up for a free writing consultation with one of our peer tutors, you’ll have 50 minutes to go over everything from brainstorming to citations. No draft necessary! Our goal is not just to make your specific paper or assignment better, but rather to help teach you the skills you need to feel more confident as a writer overall.

We offer a warm, comfortable space in the Dominican Center for appointments, but you can also sign up for an online consultation, where you can meet with us from the comfort of your home or dorm room (keep your pj’s on, we won’t judge!).

Some of the (many) writing topics we cover:

  • Brainstorming
  • Integrating sources
  • Citations
  • Sentence/paragraph structure
  • Group work
  • Grammar
  • And much more

Throughout the year, we also run writing-related events like Scrabble tournaments and Writing Contest to celebrate writing on campus.

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