The School of Arts, Sciences, and Education (SASE) at Mount Saint Mary College brings together the disciplines at the heart of a liberal arts education, and focuses on the preparation of its students to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

Our dedicated SASE faculty invite you to engage your intellectual curiosity as you explore the arts, humanities, natural sciences, social and behavioral sciences, education, and emerging computer and digital technologies.

Using a personalized approach in both teaching and advising, SASE is committed to developing regional and global professionals through a culture of community engagement that integrates academics, service-learning, and the development of workforce skills.

The School’s focus on the liberal arts and sciences prepares you for a wide range of competencies with skills such as creative and critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, an awareness of diverse cultural perspectives, effective communication, and ethical decision making — all essential in the preparation of students for the 21st century.

Division of Communication, Art, and Digital Media

Spark understanding through art, digital media, journalism, and more.

Division of Education

Spark a love of learning by preparing for certification in education.

Division of Humanities

Spark exploration in literature, writing, languages, theatre, and more.

Division of Mathematics & Information Technology

Spark innovation through actuarial science, technology, math, cybersecurity, and more.

Division of Natural Sciences

Spark knowledge with biology, chemistry, exercise science, pre-health professions, and more.

Division of Social Sciences

Spark conversation through psychology, sociology, criminology, history, human services, political science, and more.

Jennifer Bready

Interim Dean of the School of Arts, Sciences, and Education and Professor of Mathematics
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