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After working as a computer programmer for 15 years, Professor Russell decided to follow his passion for sport and enrolled at Purdue University's graduate program in Health & Kinesiology. Studying Title IX was a natural choice for him, having lived through the early implementation and evolution of this legislation aimed at providing gender equity, first in academics, but more publicly in athletics.

As a result of his research, Professor Russell is an avid supporter of Title IX, but a vocal critic of the NCAA. He believes athletics and physical education are an important part of collegiate academics, but is opposed to the NCAA's model that values billion dollar media contacts over academic success. He cheers for our athletes to be victorious on the playing field, but cheers even louder at their academic successes and commencement.

Professor Russell has served as MSMC's Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) since 2017.

Purdue University - PhD in Athletic Administration
Purdue University - MS in Kinesiology
University of Michigan - BS in Computer Science

BUS 1010 - Intro to Management
BUS 2500 - Intro to Sports Management
BUS 2650 - Intro to Sports Media
BUS 2700 - Sports Facilities Management
BUS 4124 - Gender & Sport
BUS 4260 - Sports Marketing

Specialization / Areas of Interest
Professor Russell's area of research is Gender & Sport. Specifically, he is studying trends in academics, athletics, and business that relate to changing gender opportunities. Title IX may have had a positive impact on participation opportunities for female high school and collegiate athletes, but those same gains have not yet been realized in coaching, athletic administration, and officiating. Is it just a matter of time before these professional roles reach the same proportionality as athletic participation? He hopes to find out.

Memberships and Professional Organizations
Member of the North American Society of Sports Managers

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