- by Anisa Marku

The Hudson Valley is full of history and breathtaking natural views. Mount Saint Mary College is located right by the Hudson River, and is by many spots you can visit this Fall Semester. Grab some friends and plan a day trip to any of these attractions!

1. Long Dock Park (1.4 miles from campus)

This park is located right next to the Beacon Train Station, just over the Newburgh-Beacon bridge. There are trails to walk or run with lots of natural scenery, and even a beach-like shore to hang out or have a picnic. Long Dock Park also has a variety of activities available such as kayaking, fishing, paddle-boarding, and canoeing. You’ll also be able to see the Mount!

2. Madam Brett Park (2.6 miles from campus)

Located right along the Fishkill Creek in Beacon, N.Y., there is a beautiful waterfall that flows by shops, restaurants, old abandoned buildings, and wooden balcony hotel lookouts. There's even a bridge walkway where you can walk over the waterfall. After snapping a few pictures, you can then stroll through the historic Beacon Main Street shops and follow the road until it brings you back to the Beacon waterfront. This is the ultimate scenic place to go this fall!

3. Plum Point Park (3.4 miles from campus)

This beautiful beach-like park is located in New Windsor, N.Y., right along the Hudson River. There are trails to walk and explore and picnic tables to eat or get some peaceful study time.

4. Cornwall Route 218 Lookout (Drive south on 9W and look for signs pointing to 218)

Drive up to this lookout to get a bird's eye view of the Hudson River. There is minimal parking along the road, so make sure to carpool. If you’re up for or should I say, down for, an adventure, climb down the rocks for a private spot and take in the gorgeous views. Before heading to Route 218, check to make sure the road isn’t closed due to poor weather or road conditions. 

5. Breakneck Ridge (4.5 miles from campus)

This mountain along the Hudson River between Beacon and Cold Spring, makes for a fun, but challenging hike with different trail loops and difficulty levels. The trails range from 2.5 - 3.5 miles. Make sure to wear appropriate hiking gear and bring lots of water, this hike is no joke! Once you get to the top you will see breathtaking views of the Hudson River from over 1,200 feet up in the air. If you’re lucky, and it’s a clear day, you may even catch a glimpse of the NYC skyline.

6. Moodna Train Trestle (10 miles from campus)

This iron railroad trestle is located in Salisbury Mills, and is a perfect location for picnics, pictures, and relaxing. It’s a beautiful place to check out in the fall once the leaves start to change colors.


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