- by Liz David
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Another Fall semester has to come to an end. For the seniors, this means that our last Fall semester is over…and before we know it our time here at the Mount and in college will be ending too. For the past three years we have been living our best college lives to the best of our abilities, but maybe there are some things that we have yet to experience as a college student. Luckily, there is still plenty of time to try and experience all the things we haven’t had the chance or maybe didn’t have the courage to try in college. So to help you figure out how to truly enjoy every last moment of your college life, here are 7 things that should be on your college bucket list:

  • Attending a school event. There are so many different events hosted all the time here at the Mount, however I’m sure there are at least a few of you who have never really bothered or thought about attending one, at least willingly. But this is your last chance to give the various activities the Mount is offering to us students a try. I myself was skeptical about attending my first college hosted event, but they actually can be a lot of fun. (Especially with friends). I personally recommend Bingo!


  • Taking a Spring Break trip with your friends. I know that taking a trip involves a lot of planning and money, which can be hard for college students. However, if you really put in a lot of effort to finding good prices and where the best and most affordable places to go for Spring Break are, than you can totally make this happen. There will probably never be another time as good as Spring Break in you and your friends’ lives where you guys can go away alone together and not have any other responsibilities to worry about for a whole week. Spring Break is a right of passage for us college students and I think that we should all be putting in the effort to make some amazing and lasting memories with the people who have been our family for the past 4 years!
  • Making the Dean’s List. Getting good grades in college is no easy task, and us seniors can really relate to that. While making the Dean’s List might be something that some students have achieved pretty much every semester they have been in college, the majority of us have never made the Dean’s List, or have only made it once or twice. However, senior year is the perfect time to get the grades you have been working towards the past three years, and maybe even get your name on the Dean’s List! 
  • Going out with friends. I am sure that over these past few years the majority of us have taken the time to go out at least a few times with our friends, whether it be a run to the mall or getting lunch off campus. However, there might be some of you who, for example, commute and don’t really get to see or spend as much time with some of the friends you have made here because you don’t live right down the hall from them. The point is though that this is our last chance to go out and do things with our friends without much effort. Being a senior means our plates and schedules are pretty packed, but try designating one Saturday or maybe an afternoon to doing something fun and simple with your friends. The simple memories of just running to target or the grocery store with all your friends will be some of the ones you remember forever. (Also, for us seniors that are finally 21, your time has finally come to actually be able to really go out!).
  • Joining a new club. Maybe in the past you haven’t really been interested in any of the clubs on campus or felt like you didn’t have the time for a club, but now is the time for you to give one a try. There are so many different clubs here at the Mount that it’s almost guaranteed for you to find something you like. (Or you can even start your own club). Trust me when I say that you can definitely fit at least one club into your schedule, and many clubs will understand if you have a very busy schedule that needs to be worked around. I just became a new member of one of the clubs on campus, and even though I am a new member as a senior, it is one of the best decisions I have made this year! 
  • Adding a minor. For many seniors, your last semester of college is usually a bunch of random classes because you have completed pretty much all the classes for your major. Something to maybe consider for your last year, and especially semester, is adding a minor. If you have taken a couple of classes in the same field of study this a great option for you because you have already made a decent dent in getting the minor completed. Also, a fun fact is that you can add a minor at pretty much any point during your senior year!
  • Making as many new friends and memories as possible. I am sure that all of us over the past three years have created a good group of friends and plenty of memories to last us a lifetime, but this is the time that we should be making the most out of the people and places around us. It is never too late to make a new friend who can potentially be a friend for life, or make another memory that you will always have when you think about college. There are only 159 days left until graduation day, so as a senior you should be getting out there and enjoying every moment left in college to the fullest!


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