- by Belle Frank

Fall is a great time to go exploring outdoors, especially in the Hudson Valley region. I recently took a trip to the Constitution State Marsh in Garrison for a fall outing. The marsh is 270 acres with 80 acres of surrounding forest.  There is a slight hike to get to the boardwalk of the marsh, but it is not an intense hike at all. Even though you are walking through the woods, there is a clear path that you can follow. (If you’re still skeptical, I did this “hike” in boots that were a size too big and not at all made for hiking.)

The walk out to the marsh is about 10 minutes, if that long at all. However, if you’re like me the hike took a bit longer because I kept stopping to take pictures. It is a perfect time to capture some great photos because the foliage is absolutely gorgeous this time of year.

Once you get to the start of the boardwalk that trails through the marsh, you get a wonderful view of the Hudson River in between Storm King Mountain and Breakneck Ridge. The boardwalk sits right on top of the water, so be sure to make note of when high tide is. Halfway through my journey, water started covering parts of the platform and I had to leave before my shoes became soaked. 

The boardwalk goes straight out, and then forks, leading back around in a loop. There are four points on the walk where the boardwalk juts out so you are standing further out in the marsh. I personally think that this Hudson Valley spot is well worth a visit. You can also visit towns like Cold Spring or Beacon after your slight hike for a bite to eat.

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