- by Mount Saint Mary College
Frank White, Mount Saint Mary College Security Supervisor, helps Nancy Benfer, Principal of Bishop Dunn Memorial School, to raise the American flag on September 11, 2020. 

Thanks to a helping hand from a friend, the American flag flew at half-mast at Bishop Dunn Memorial School on Friday, September 11.

Nancy Benfer, principal of Bishop Dunn Memorial School and a 2004 Mount Saint Mary College graduate, went to raise the flag that morning around 7 a.m. She was accompanied by a pair of students, sisters Sara and Caitlyn Jennings.

“I was determined to have [the flag] up for September 11 so we could discuss the importance of this day with all of our students,” said Benfer.

Unfortunately, Benfer was having some trouble with the flagpole that morning. As she and her students tried to get the flag flying, Mount Saint Mary College Security Supervisor Frank White took a moment from his patrol to help out. 

Bishop Dunn Memorial School and Mount Saint Mary College are located on the same campus and Mount security patrols often cover both institutions.

With White’s help, the flag was ready in moments.

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