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Octavius Fryar of Newburgh, N.Y. will graduate from Mount Saint Mary College with a degree in Business on Saturday, May 18.

Mount Saint Mary College senior Octavius Fryar of Newburgh, N.Y., a General Business Administration major, has already started his next academic challenge before graduating in May.

The industrious Fryar began his MBA studies at the Mount in January of this year, alongside finishing up his undergraduate work. In addition to having his graduate school plans already locked down, Fryar is aiming to work in the local Healthcare sector as he completes his graduate studies.

For anyone who has met him, it’s no surprise that Fryar is an excellent student. He remained on the Dean’s list each semester since transferring to the Mount in Fall of 2021; he was inducted into both the Delta Mu Delta (Business) and the Alpha Chi (general scholarship) honor societies; and he was a member of the Mount’s Pre-Law Society, where he became the president after just one year.

“I knew out of high school that I wanted to attend a college that would have wide course offerings to give me the chance to become a well-rounded student,” Fryar explained. “The Mount has provided me with numerous learning experiences that I have been able to apply throughout my academic career.”

Fryar added that his internships – two in human resources and one in hospital operations – have contributed greatly to his professional experience in the Healthcare sector.

Not even switching majors could derail his academic success, though Fryar admits there were some hiccups in his transition from a Nursing major to Business major. But in the end, he emerged a stronger student than ever.

“I managed to turn this struggle into a triumph by having multiple conversations with my advisors,” noted Fryar. “I concluded that my ultimate goal was to be in the healthcare industry. I switched my major…and was able to begin taking courses that aligned with my true passion.”

Fryar said that he has always been fascinated with the day-to-day operations of hospitals and other healthcare facilities, so it made sense to follow that career path. As a future healthcare administrator, he looks forward to having a positive impact on as many patients as possible.

During his time at the Mount, Fryar says he has been grateful for the professors who have mentored him.

“The Mount has contributed to my success because of the support that I had from my professors,” he said. “Each professor that I have had here at the Mount was able to act as a mentor to me and give me auspicious career advice that truly can have an impact on my industry. [They] had always encouraged me to pursue my academic interests.”

In particular, he is thankful for the aid of Michael Fox, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs and associate professor of Business Law.

“Dr. Fox has been instrumental in giving me invaluable advice regarding the law school experience and insight into the legal profession,” Fryar explained. He added that he will “miss the support and the close relationships I have with my professors and how everyone at the Mount exhibited kindness and support.”

Fryar has some important advice for incoming Mount students: College is the time to do the soul searching about your career, and once you find that passion, use it to get invested in your own future.

“Take time and explore academic interests, as it’s okay not to have a set academic path when arriving at college,” he said. “Be sure to keep an open mind and take opportunities that come along, as being stringent on one path can lead to missed chances.”


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