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Mount Saint Mary College

Mount Saint Mary College student athletes showcased their commitment to community service through a highly successful food drive.

Recognizing the ongoing struggle of local food pantries to meet post-holiday demands, the student athletes took proactive steps. Organized by the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), the food drive rallied all varsity sports teams, resulting in a total of 850 cans and other non-perishable items collected. 

The proceeds were donated to the Deacon Jack Seymour Food Pantry, an organization that Mount Saint Mary College has consistently supported in its mission to aid families in need.

Fr. Gregoire Fluet, interim president of Mount Saint Mary College, expressed his commitment to sustaining such initiatives on campus. At least two similar events will be held annually, he explained, with the of involvement of the entire campus community.

The initiative’s leaders, Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach Mike Lowell and several SAAC representatives, carefully loaded every donation onto a truck and brought it to the pantry at the end of the collection period. Fr. Fluet praised the teamwork, which was supported by Campus Ministry. He added that the event was “absolutely wonderful” and stressed its impact in helping those in need.


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