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Mount student Michael Zhang at the exhibit with student art displayed in the background.

A new exhibit of student artwork was recently unveiled at Mount Saint Mary College's Kaplan Family Library and Learning Center.

Onlooker views art.Students created the works as part of two beginning art classes: 2D design and painting. Both classes are part of the Communication, Art, and Digital Media (CADM) suite of programs at the college.

Christopher Neyen, associate professor of Art and Graphic Design and Mount CMA Gallery coordinator, was the keynote speaker at the gallery's opening reception. He noted that design work helps to develop critical thinking skills, which complement many other disciplines and help expand how we approach and solve problems.

Chris Neyen presenting his keynote speech.

"Art teaches us to think beyond what we already know," Neyen said.

CADM recently added a major in Visual Communication-Graphic Design, spearheaded by Neyen. Students in this program study visual communication with an emphasis on conceptual problem-solving and technical proficiency.

The program "allows us the freedom to explore and experiment as we define our own path, one that is rich in inventiveness," he said. It also "provides the opportunity to learn from history while envisioning what the future can be in how we communicate visually."

Also joining the CADM program lineup is the new concentration in Sports Journalism. Regina Pappalardo, associate professor of Journalism, explained, "Students in this concentration will get a strong foundation in the skills that all reporters need – interviewing, research, writing, and producing – and then we'll build upon that foundation by developing those skills particular to Sports Journalism careers, including commentary, play-by-play, medical, and financial implications, etc."

The Mount's Communication, Art, and Digital Media programs encompass the study of advertising and public relations, digital media production, graphic design, and journalism. CADM also offers minors in each of these disciplines, as well as in art and film studies. Housed in the Mount's Division of Arts and Letters, CADM programs prepare students for both traditional and emerging professions.


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