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Minor in Legal Studies and/or Pre-Law Advisory Track

If you want to have your day in court, you should consider a minor in Legal Studies. Whether you want to defend the wronged, oversee contracts and negotiations, or advise corporations, you’ll need a law degree. A minor in Legal Studies is a great first step towards that goal.

Additionally, the Mount also offers an advisory track in Pre-Law. No matter your major, you can select the Pre-Law advisory track (in addition to the Legal Studies minor), which offers you an additional advisor who will help you select courses to prepare you for law school as well as assist with the application process.

Why study Legal Studies?

Here’s what makes our Legal Studies minor unique:

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  • Advisor: The path from where you are now to being a lawyer may look like a long road, but that’s where our dedicated Pre-Law advisor comes in. Your advisor will walk you through courses to help you prepare for law school, work through applications, and make connections.
  • Discounted review materials: The Mount has an agreement with The Princeton Review on discounts for the LSAT review course, so you can save money on your review for the law school entrance exam.
  • Location, location, location: Just train rides away from New York City and Boston and easy access to an international airport and several highways, our Legal Studies and Pre-Law students have easy access to some of the legal hubs of the world.

"Professor Fox was 100 percent the most important person in me going to law school. Besides being extremely active in the community and a great professor, he was my advisor and helped me get everything in order to go [to law school].”

Joe Galasso '20
Joe Galasso '20

What to expect as a Legal Studies minor

18 credits

Learn more about Legal Studies minor courses and academic requirements here.

Any major can take on the Legal Studies minor. The 18 required credits fit well into most majors’ elective courses, so you’re free to explore whatever academic subject interests you in regards to major. Law schools do not require a specific major for entrance.

As a Legal Studies minor or student on the Pre-Law advisory track, you will be encouraged to join the Pre-Law Society, a student organization on campus for those interested in the law profession. This organization invites attorneys, judges, police officers, and others to campus for conversations about the fields of law and law enforcement. They also meet with representatives from The Princeton Review, discuss law school applications, attend law school forums in New York City, and hold panel discussions and events on campus. 

Be prepared for your future

In order to practice law, you’ll need a law degree, but a minor in Legal Studies or the Pre-Law advisory track can help prepare you for law school.

An internship in the legal field can be coordinated through the Career Center to further prepare you for your future studies and career.

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