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Professor Hoegler has been interested in science since childhood, when he started collecting rock and living things. After college, he continued his studies in graduate school as a biologist.

He also took some courses in experimental psychology, becoming interested in learning in invertebrates. That lead him to studying a “living fossil” known as the horseshoe crab, described as such since it has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of millions of years. He became intrigued with the regulation of its cardiac rhythm, which was similar to that found in more recently evolved species. Thus, he spent his doctoral years, recording the activities of nerves in this marine organism to understand the control of heart rate.

Professor Hoegler continued post-graduate work at New York Medical College, studying the physiology of hearts and blood vessels in vertebrates. At Mount Saint Mary College, he teaches courses in neurosciences, physiology and developmental biology. As a strong advocate for inquiry-based collaborative and hands-on laboratory learning, he continues working on experimental projects with students. Last year he mentored two student projects, dealing with the effects of herbicides and ultra-violet light on head regeneration in flatworms.

He continues to collaborate with researchers at New York Medical College and Pace University.

Doctor of Philosophy, Fordham University
Master of Science, Fordham University
Bachelor of Science, Manhattan College

BIO 4050 Developmental Biology
BIO 3030 Pathophysiology
BIO 1030 Anatomy and Physiology

Specialization / Areas of Interest
Over the past two years (2020-2021), Dr. Hoegler has studied the physiology and developmental biology of metamorphosis in the gray tree frog.

Memberships and Professional Associations
American Physiological Society
New York Academy of Sciences
Sigma Xi (The Scientific Research Society of North America) 
Environmental Consortium of Hudson Valley Colleges and Universities
Eastern Colleges Science Conference- Board of Trustees

Achievements / Awards
1997-00 Principal Investigator, NIH -EARDA (Extramural Associates Research Development Award) "Fostering a Research Environment at a Women's College"). (Grant # G11HD34662-01). Included participation in a residence program at NIH in Bethesda, MD. (Summer 1997).

2000-06 Principal Investigator, NIH-EARDA(Competitive Renewal) ”Fostering a Research Environment at a Women’s College” (#G11HD34662-04)

2002-05 Principal Investigator, NSF-CCLI (Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement)(# DUE-0126738). “Inquiry-Based Collaborative Learning in Physiology-Based Lab Exercises: A Two-Phased Approach”- Application and evaluation of this pedagogy to biology courses at the college

Hoegler, Carl and C.F. Blando-Hoegler 2021. Do Metabolic Enzymes Explain Osmoregulation in Juvenile American Eels? poster at Experimental Biology meetings (virtual – April 27-30, 2021)


  • Blando-Hoegler, Charlene and Carl Hoegler. 2013. Evo-Devo: Does seed protein biochemistry reflect plant phylogeny? Pages 314-320. in Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching, Volume 34 (Karen A. McMahon, ed).Proceedings of the 34th Workshop/Conference of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education.
  • Hoegler, C. S. and C. F. Blando-Hoegler. 2011. Relating Biochemistry to Morphology Using Inquiry-Based Collaborative Student Research in Developmental Biology. Part 2. Implementation of the Plan. in Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching, Volume 32 (Karen A. McMahon, ed).Proceedings of the 32nd Workshop/Conference of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education, 429 pp.
  • Hoegler, C.S., G. Murphy Goldberg , L. Ponessi and C. F. Blando-Hoegler. 2013. Reflections on the use of protease inhibitor cocktails for preserving protein in tissue lysates. FASEB Journal 27:574.10
  • Sheehan, Nicholas and Carl Hoegler. 2018. Glyphosate-containing herbicide impacts physical and behavioral changes during head regeneration in Dugesia (Girardia) tigrina. BIOS 89(1):14-23. DOI: 10.1893/0005-3155-89.1.14

Recent presentations:

  • Presentation at a conference (FASEB Meetings 2015, Boston, MA, March 28 -April 1, 2015 )
    Carl S. Hoegler et al. 2015. Enzyme activities of muscle tissue lysates can be unexpectedly affected by protease inhibitor cocktails FASEB J April 2015 29:884.48
  • Presentation at a conference (ABLE Conference 2015. Boston MA, Summer 2015)
    Charlene F. Blando-Hoegler and Carl S. Hoegler. 2015. Does the maternal genome influence seedling protein biochemistry during plant embryogenesis?

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