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Fr. Gregoire (Greg) Fluet is the Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry, and is currently serving as Interim President of Mount Saint Mary College. In his role, Fr. Greg provides support to students and staff in their spiritual and moral journeys, whether they belong to an official religion or are unaffiliated. In this role, Fr. Greg offers Mass and the Sacraments, both public and private prayer, and a non-judgmental place to confidentially talk about life and the challenges life offers.

Fr. Greg was ordained a priest in 1982, he has been in parishes and has taught on the graduate and undergraduate level. In addition to being Chaplain, Fr. Greg teaches as an adjunct professor both Religious Studies and History course. Fr. Greg has an MDiv and an MA (theology, Church History) from St. John Seminary in Brighton, Massachusetts, an MA (American History) and a PhD from Clark University in History. If you see someone dressed in a black robe, standing with students at an athletic game screaming (top of the lungs yelling) support for MSMC, 99.9% chance that is Fr. Greg.


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