Time: Mar 1 12:00 PM
Location: Virtual
MSMC Finance professor, Thomas Fitzmaurice

Please join us next week for another seminar in our Spring 2021 iROC series!  It will take place on a special date and time - Monday, March 1, at 12 NOON - when Thomas S. Fitzmaurice, Assistant Professor of Business, will present Service Learning in Business Programs. 

In the minds of many college business students, the overarching goal of the financial manager to maximize shareholder wealth often seems directly at odds with issues discussed in business ethics courses. Ethics classes alone may not be enough to provide students with a balanced perspective to address these concerns. In recent years, service learning or civic engagement programs have become widespread in higher education, both as extracurricular, volunteer activities and as curriculum requirements. This presentation will focus on how service learning is addressed in business curricula and how it can assist in developing ethical business leaders.

Dr. Fitzmaurice has taught in Catholic education on both the college and secondary level at institutions that place a high level of importance on service and service learning as part of the complete education experience for its students.  His talk is based on a presentation made to the Northeast Business and Economic Association last year. 

Thomas Fitzmaurice has served as an Assistant Professor of Finance at Mount Saint Mary College, teaching both undergraduate and graduate finance courses, since 2017. He holds a BE from Manhattan College, an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, and an MS and PhD from Fordham University. Prior to moving to academia, he worked for several years in finance for both Wall Street banks and educational institutions.