- by Pascal Kadamani

One of the most important parts of college is making connections and developing relationships with the people you interact with, including your professors! I know how nerve wrecking it might be to approach them at first, but I promise you won’t regret it.  All they want is to be there for you, and they can in so many ways. (i.e. assist you in coursework, write letters of recommendation, and help you grow your network). But before they can do all these things, they need to know who you are – and not just by your name being on the class roster. So here are 3 ways that I have used to try to stand out and create strong relationships with my professors: 

  • Introduce yourself at the beginning of the semester: Just like how it’s your first day of school, it’s their first day too! By showing up a little early to the first class of the semester, introducing yourself, and exchanging some small conversation, this opens the door to easily saying hello and goodbye during class (manners matter). This forces the professor to know who you are, along with how polite you are. 


  • Answer every email they send: This tip was actually given to my Marketing Principles class by our very own, Professor Scardillo. Professors typically email the class a few times during the semester with reminders, change of schedules, notes, etc… Even a simple response of, “Thank you for the information!” shows the professor that you are reading their emails and are up to date with what they are providing. (Plus, think of how little people will do this. It will show them that their emails to their students are not a waste of time!)


  • Keep in mind that they were students once too: Every person that has been a college student has FOR SURE felt nervous or stressed before. Don’t be afraid to reach out to professors for any advice or help with the goals you have set for yourself. Try to keep them in the loop of how you feel about the class, where you are in the semester, and anything going on in your life that may be affecting your grades. Treat them like people, because professors are people, too. 

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