- by Maggie-Ann Zecca
Maggie-Ann Zecca at a Jets game

Hello Knight Family! My name is Maggie-Ann Zecca, and I am a super senior (by choice) at Mount Saint Mary College, majoring in Sports Management. I’ve always had a love of sports, and currently play on the MSMC Women’s Soccer Team under Coach Lyn. Recently, I completed a sports internship with the New York Jets.

The NY Jets Organization is a professional football team headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey, representing New York. It was founded more than 50 years ago, and is a privately owned business with under 200 employees. The Jets franchise is known as a trailblazer, trendsetter, and leader in the sports landscape and across the NFL.

Internship role and duties

I have been a NY Jets fan since birth, and my family has been since 1966! When I applied to the internship this year, I crossed my fingers knowing so many people applied for the same position. Then I received a call and email to see if the position of Staff Event Planner would be one of interest to me. I replied with a resounding yes, yes, yes! 

Me in 1st grade with NY Jets cheerleaders at a player signing.

Once accepted, I had several roles and responsibilities. They ranged from checking players in and directing them to the media area, to fitting jerseys on players and attending VIP Day with clients. 

As a part of the Event Staff Team, we’re in charge of setting up each event that the Jets host, managing/supervising the event, and then breakdown once the event is concluded. Making sure it runs smoothly and effortlessly to make the fans and Jets team welcomed.   

However, it’s not all fun and glory. Sometimes you are hustling to set up an inflatable bounce house, setting up for OTAs (organized team Activities), or helping children when they are lost. 

What I learned

This internship has directed me to see different positions and opportunities and to look into the future and my career. In addition, I gained some transferable skills including communications, networking, not being afraid to take risks and how to organize and execute an event.  

I have also met many new friends with similar interests and passions.  I have no doubt they will be life-long friends! I am grateful for being part of the Mount - that prepared me both mentally, physically and spiritually for this exciting internship.


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