- by Mack the Knight

#MountMusic is our way of getting to know the faces of the Mount through interview style blogs and hand-curated Spotify playlists! Music is one of the things that unifies us all. This #MountMusic is from Barbara Mulligan, our Director of Student Activities. Be sure to follow the Mount on Spotify by going to!

Name: Barbara Mulligan#MountMusic poster with a photo of Barbara Mulligan
Title: Director of Student Activities
How long have you been at the Mount? Since 2017

What is your favorite part of your job/being at the Mount?
My favorite part of my job-is working with the student leaders in our office. They are so dedicated to the Mount community, it is inspiring to all. They give so much and work so hard to make sure each and every student has a positive campus life experience during their time at the Mount. Huge shout out to the members of MAP and SGA for all they do. I don’t think staff, faculty or students understand how hard they work and the time commitment it takes to plan out all of the events on campus. Another shout out to our orientation leaders-another group of dedicated student leaders who help new students ease into their new role of becoming a Knight. And to all of our clubs and organizations-thank you for providing activities and events that you are truly passionate about. And working with all of these wonderful student leaders is why I love my job! 

What would your biggest piece of advice be to an incoming student? 
GET INVOLVED!!! Make the most of your time at the Mount. Start a club, join SGA or MAP. Become an orientation leader. There are so many great opportunities waiting for you.

What is your go-to karaoke song? 
 It takes two-Rob Base or busta move-young mc.

What is your favorite music to listen to while working? 
I rarely get to pick the music in the office-someone always jumps in ahead of me! But I enjoy all kinds of music-except country. I have so many playlists for the day or mood I am in. I like songs that make me want to get moving.

Can you pick a few songs from your playlist and tell us why they’re on there?
Music plays an important role in my life. Not many people know this but I was a DJ in college. I have so many playlists-from mellow Sundays to my cleaning the house mix, from punk rock to classic rock. To ask me to pick my top songs of the moment is very difficult, but this is what I am currently listening to-here you go. Enjoy!

Listen to Barbara's playlist here.