- by Eleanora Robinson
Students working to make slime

What is ACS? You’ve probably heard of our major event of Element Bingo, but there is so much more to this club! ACS, or American Chemical Society, is a global organization made up of over 152,000 members across 140 countries. ACS is not only a club, but it is also a family of individuals who are passionate about science and education. The MSMC chapter of ACS in particular has a passion for teaching kids across Newburgh how fun and useful science can be while inspiring them to pursue a career in the field of STEM.

But do you have to be a science major to join ACS? Not at all, in fact, all majors are welcome to join ACS. Even if you do not know any chemistry, you are welcome to join ACS or come to ACS events on campus. Our goal as a club is to spread the love of science on campus, as chemistry is not something reserved only for science majors, but for everyone.

How can you get involved? We hold events for the entire campus every year, including Element Bingo and our newest event Periodic Table Battleship. These events are open to every student on campus and unite students of different majors in fun competitions to win prizes and most importantly have fun. We have transitioned both events to an online format and they have been quite successful! ACS also hosts National Chemistry Week and Family Night every year where we invite local children and their families to campus and enjoy themed chemistry activities such as making slime, Shrinky Dinks, and pop rockets. All MSMC students are invited to host the activities and are trained on how to host the activities with the kids. We end the night by coming together and making liquid nitrogen ice cream for the kids and the students. Throughout fall and spring semesters we also host other events to engage the local community in science, including Girls World Stem Expo and activities with Big Brother Big Sister. The kids are always inquisitive and exuberant to not only learn more about the science that surrounds them, but to also have fun while doing experiments. It is important to form a bond not only with science but with other students to work together as a team.

ACS is the club for you if you are interested in science, teaching the next generation of STEM leaders, and meeting like minded individuals that will become like your second family. Follow our Instagram @msmc_acs_mount to meet our current officers and learn more about our recent and past events.

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