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Mackenzie Zupko standing with her SURE presentation at the SURE Symposium.

Have plans this summer? Why not stay on campus and get paid to work on a project you're passionate about? Apply to the Mount's Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) and you can spend the summer getting paid to do a deep dive into a research topic of your choice!

What is SURE?

SURE is a competitive program that offers the opportunity for several students to spend 5 or 10 weeks on campus during the summer working with a professor on a research topic. Students who are chosen for this program are paid a stipend and live for free on campus during the session(s).

They work closely with a professor to develop a research plan, carry out a research project, and present their results at the SURE Symposium in the fall. Students may either come up with a research topic of their own or participate in a project proposed by a professor.

Why spend your summer working on a research project?

It's not just a research project. SURE is an opportunity to grow in multiple aspects of your life by becoming a stronger student, preparing for your future career, and gaining various skills.

This year students have the opportunity to come up with their own research topic! Whether it's science, education, literature, business, etc., there is always room to delve deeper into the subject you're passionate about. SURE gives you the opportunity to take your education to the next level while further preparing you for your career after graduation.

Q&A with Mackenzie Zupko

Mackenzie Zupko, biology major graduating in the spring of 2024, worked with professor James Moran on her 2021 SURE project titled, "Investigating the Health of Mice Exposed to the Artificial Oxygen Carrier, OXYVITA®."

Project details

Zupko's study was to evaluate the immune response and overall health of mice following multiple exposures of OxyVita, which is an artificial oxygen carrier that can possibly be used in emergency situations such as blood loss in the field to keep oxygen pumping through the body.

Here is what Zupko had to say about her internship experience:

What was your favorite part of SURE?
My favorite part of SURE was listening to all of my peers' presentations at the end of the session. It was amazing to see how passionate they were about their research and how much work they put into their work.

Has your participation in SURE opened up any opportunities for you that you may not have been given if you didn't participate in the program?
I was fortunate enough to go and meet with the company that creates OxyVita in Middletown, NY. It was an amazing opportunity for me to see a biomedical company and meet all the people who work behind the scenes. I am also applying to some research conferences this spring where I will hopefully go and present my research.

What would you say to encourage a student who is on the fence about participating in SURE?
SURE provides you with amazing opportunities and skills that you will be able to use for the rest of your career, no matter the field.

Apply to SURE today!

"Amazing opportunities and skills that can be used for the rest of your career" – is kind of the point of college. So what are you waiting for? SURE applications are due this Friday, March 4. This year, there are two paths to choosing a research topic:

  • To choose a faculty research project: Review the faculty research proposals here
  • To propose your own research topic: Post your idea to the Student-Generated Research Project Ideas forum on the SURE eClass site, or reach out to a professor who you're interested in working with directly.

Get those applications in and find out more about SURE here!


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