- by Mack the Knight
View of campus from the Dominican Center
  1. Thou shall not go more than one day without seeing someone from Long or Staten Island.
  2. Thou shall own at least 10 Mount shirts prior to graduation (at least 7 of which thou received for free at an event).
  3. Thou shall not step on the seal in Aquinas Hall if thou does not want to be delayed in graduating (according to myth that is handed down from generation to generation).
  4. Thou shall hold the door open for the next person no matter how far away they are.
  5. Thou shall take at least one class on the third floor in Aquinas. Thou is also obligated to complain about the stairs every time they are climbed.
  6. Thou shall not make it through all four years without being confused with another Mount Saint Mary. “The one in Maryland?” “No.” “The one in California?” “…no.”
  7. Thou shall wear thy lanyard around thine neck the first few weeks of freshman year (and then suddenly stop for some reason).
  8. Thou shall describe the Mount as “home” or “community” at least once.
  9. Thou shall not enter Billy Joe’s or the Alexis Diner without seeing at least one other fellow Knight.
  10.  Thou shall take every opportunity to replace “night” with “Knight.”

Have you broken any of these commandments? No worries! Just try to be a better Knight next time!

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