- by Liz David
Student dorm room

When you come to college, there are so many things that you have to remember to bring with you, especially if you are planning to live on campus. From bedding, to all of your clothes, to textbooks, there are many essentials needed to survive everyday college life. However, there are those small supplies that can be extremely helpful but easily forgotten about. In order to make sure you truly have everything you need at college, here is a (potentially random) list of things that are definitely a necessity to have, but can often be left behind:

  • Tide-To-Go Stick 
    When you’re in college, laundry is something that usually piles up and can sometimes get left undone for close to two weeks. So to avoid having your clothes get permanent stains, having a Tide -To-Go stick is a must. 
  • Pictures of family and friends
    Having photos of your favorite people, places, or animals are great to use when decorating your dorm room. Being able to look at the things you love most can make you feel like you are at home in an instant.


  • A favorite stuffed animal
    It may seem like bringing a stuffed animal to college is stupid or embarrassing, but trust me when I say that every girl will probably have her favorite stuffed animal with her at college. Stuffed animals can also help make your bed feel more cozy and more like your own bed.
  • A planner
    Staying organized is a very important part of being successful in college, so having a planner can really help you achieve that.
  • A speaker
    A speaker is something that might not seem essential for school, but can be really useful when your friends are all hanging out in your room, or when you possibly want some entertainment while taking a shower. 
  • Hand Sanitizer 
    From various illnesses that are bound to spread across campus to there being no more soap left in the bathroom, having hand sanitizer around will absolutely come in handy. 
  • Clorox Wipes 
    As much as you may not want to clean your room or suite you sadly have to at least once and awhile. Clorox wipes are great to have when you are trying to clean up or when you need to sanitize your space. 
  • Vick’s Vapor Rub 
    Getting sick is basically guaranteed during your time at college, and nasty coughs and sore throats are usually some of the classic symptoms to get, so having some Vick’s Vapor Rub around can really help ease some of the discomfort when you get sick.
  • Portable Charger
    When your phone is dying and you need to run to class or leave campus, having a portable charger with you will avoid you running into the sad tragedy of your phone dying.
  • Aspirin 
    Headaches are definitely a common thing to happen to college students, so having some type of aspirin can really save you from having to suffer during your probably busy day.
  • Sharpies
    Pens and pencils are things that are definitely an easy supply to remember to bring to college, but sharpies are not. I have a whole colorful pack of sharpies that I use them almost everyday for various things, especially helping to stay organized. 
  • First Aid Kit 
    A first aid kit is something that I would have never thought of bringing with me to college. Luckily for me my aunt gave me one before I left for school, and I can honestly say that I have used it in one way or another every year since. 
  • A Big Calendar 
    Before the start of college I was also gifted with a big calendar. I thought that I would use it more as a decoration for my desk than anything else, but now a big calendar is one of my top most essential supplies to buy before the start of every new school year. It really is the perfect way to remind you of all the responsibilities you have. 


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