PACT helps students with anxiety develop skills and confidence. We create personal connections and build coping skills so students Persist, Achieve, Connect, and Thrive at MSMC and beyond. It is our mission to provide support for students with anxiety that enables them to fully participate in, succeed in, and enjoy the benefits of higher education. We strive to provide individualized assistance by honoring the uniqueness of each student and through the provision of resources and services that promote academic success and self-advocacy skills.

Goals of PACT

  • Increase readiness to engage in postsecondary education.
  • Build a sense of hope, self-efficacy, self-directedness, and resiliency.
  • Develop social supports skills and networks.
  • Practice and develop health, wellness, and academic skills.

PACT Athlete

 Anxiety within athletes presents differently than how they present in non-athletes. The PACT Athlete program targets how anxiety impacts athletes and ways to overcome anxiety.

PACT Athlete targets:

  1. Fear of competition
  2. Fear of injury
  3. Team and Trust issues
  4. Sport Performance Anxiety

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