- by Mount Saint Mary College
The Mount Saint Mary College exhibit by Jason Bauer and Romina Gonzalez included a clock that tells time through a pattern of light, a seat made from sculpted clay, and sulfur as well as glass sculptures.

The CMA Gallery at Mount Saint Mary College hosted an opening reception for its latest exhibition, “A Place to Connect,” by artists Jason Bauer and Romina Gonzalez on Saturday, April 22.

This was the very first time Bauer and Gonzalez have curated an exhibit together. Their exhibit included sculptural works consisting of glass and sulfur, as well as pieces that produced light and sound.

Visitors were invited to interact with the art pieces. Some of the art allowed visitors to create sound, or to sit and practice meditation while contemplating the different pieces and their meanings. These interactive pieces were designed to give viewers a spiritual experience, and allow them to “return to the spirit of the soul itself,” said the artists.

“A Place to Connect” will be on display until September 30, while the CMA Gallery is open Monday through Friday during normal business hours or by appointment. Email for more information.

The CMA Gallery was created in 2019, as a space to exhibit media selected by Mount faculty from the rising population of artists who live and work in Newburgh, Beacon, and throughout the Hudson Valley.

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