- by Mount Saint Mary College
Throughout the Mount Saint Mary College CMA Show, viewers enjoyed unique, student-made animated show ID clips, like this one.

Mount Saint Mary College’s department of Communication, Art, and Digital Media (CADM) hosted the annual CMA Show on Friday, April 21.

The CMA Show returned after a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other circumstances. Bringing it back became a top priority for Merle Becker, instructor of Digital Media Production, when she began teaching full time at the Mount this year after teaching as an adjunct for four years previously.

“I’m so proud of all my students who worked so hard on all of these pieces,” she said.

Media content for the show included various short films – some were lighthearted and human interest stories, and others had a more historical or documentary-style approach. The show also included clips from the Mount comedy broadcast Last Friday Knight, and radio spots from the Knight Radio talk show, A Little About A Lot. All pieces were edited into one cohesive film, curated by Becker.

Student photography and graphic design pieces were also included in the show. Between some of the content, the audience got to see animated clips created by students as well.

Becker stated that she was happy with the event’s turnout, as well as why she felt it was important to have a showcase event like this for the work of CADM students.

“The CMA Show is important, not only for the MSMC community to see what the Digital Media Production program and CADM is up to,” Becker said, “but for the Digital Media Production students to see their work on the big screen in front of an audience. You learn so much about the filmmaking craft by watching your work in a room full of people who are seeing it for the first time."


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