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Emily Araujo of Stanhope, N.J. is graduating from Mount Saint Mary College with a degree in Digital Media and Production. Photo by Lee Ferris.

In a matter of days, senior Emily Araujo of Stanhope, N.J. will be graduating from Mount Saint Mary College and diving into the field of Digital Media and Production.

But before achieving this milestone, she reflected on the experiences that have shaped her on both a personal and professional level. For example, during her time at the Mount, she has been a familiar face on the college’s Dean’s list and will be graduating with Cum Laude honors as a result.

But the past year has especially prepared her for the future through her work on projects inside and outside the classroom, she explained.

On any given day, Araujo could be found in the Mac computer labs of Aquinas Hall, editing media content for Last Friday Knight, a weekly comedy broadcast for the Mount community.

Araujo said that Last Friday Knight gave her real work experience and helped her to gain the confidence needed to move toward her future.

 “As a team, we faced real challenges, had to meet deadlines, share ideas, and collaborate, all with the collective goal of creating amazing content,” she explained.

Two professors in particular have stood out for helping Araujo’s digital skillset to soar and making her a well-rounded student, she said: Merle Becker, instructor of Digital Media Production, and Christopher Neyen, director of the Communication, Art and Digital Media program (CADM) and associate professor of Art and Graphic Design.

“The way they care about their students is indescribable,” she explained. “Both have taught me so much about Digital Media and Production and about life. The support they provide their students and the love that they have for teaching is truly remarkable and can be seen in each interaction you have with them.”

She added, “Through their love for their work, they have helped to bring out the passion that I have for Digital Media and Production.”

Another aspect of the Mount experience that Araujo has loved is the opportunity to spend countless hours honing her craft with state-of-the-art equipment in Aquinas Hall, which has given her the confidence to expand her career goals to include not just editing content, but also creating social media and promotional graphics.

“As much as I like editing, I found other areas that I enjoy even more and the funny thing is that I’m even better at them too,” she explained.

Araujo’s dream job is creating social media content that would allow her to use skills she’s learned at the Mount, while working in an environment that will help her continue to learn and grow.

To incoming Digital Media and Production majors who are looking to get the most out of their Mount experience, Araujo notes that hands-on experience is the best way to cultivate success.

“Take advantage of all equipment, technology, and the studio,” Araujo said, “and have confidence in yourself with a can-do attitude, and you will go far.”


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