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Local artist Miguel Oldenburg of MotorWolf Creative Studio revealed the experiences, influences, and processes behind his artistic works at a recent talk at Mount Saint Mary College.

The talk was hosted by the college’s Communication, Art and Digital Media program (CADM).

Oldenburg, who was born in Venezuela, explores past and present issues of the cultural, political, and social fabric of his home country through his oil paintings.

“Painting lets me hold the threads of my own existence, my own identity,” said Oldenburg. “I paint knowing each brush stroke carries the voice of the country I imagine, one where I fit, one to return to.”

Growing up in Venezuela, he became attuned to seeing calmness in the chaos and adventure in the mundane, a perspective that has shaped his creativity. He draws inspiration from the realities of Venezuela, its rich cultural symbolism, and the natural wonders of the South American country.

Oldenburg is a four-time Emmy Award winning Creative Director. He’s also a recipient of two Grand Awards from the New York Festival, several Promax/BDA Awards, six Telly awards, among other honors working on media arts, motion design, and visual effects projects for major entertainment brands and production agencies. His provocative art has been displayed in New York, the city that fostered his creativity, and the place he now calls home.

MotorWolf is a creative collective specializing in design, animation, and media arts. Its mission is to craft unique and effective designs that stand out to tell your visual story. MotorWolf team members collaborate as a synergetic creative force from all around the world.

The Mount’s CADM programs encompass the study of digital media production, graphic design, and journalism. CADM also offers minors in each of these disciplines, as well as in art and film studies. CADM programs prepare students for both traditional and emerging professions.


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