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Mount Saint Mary College recently honored dozens of longtime personnel for their dedicated service to the college.

The longest-serving Mount employee who reached a milestone in 2022 was Paul Schwartz, professor of Psychology, who has been enlightening students at the college for 45 years.

Also recognized were employees of Bishop Dunn Memorial School who are celebrating milestones. Bishop Dunn, a K-8 school, is located on the Mount campus.


5 years (2017)

  • Irene Belen-Jones, School of Nursing
  • Sandra Cangemi, Office of Admissions
  • Melissa Caridi, Office of Human Resources
  • Nelson Correia, Office of Security and Safety
  • Susan DeRoberts, School of Nursing
  • Joseph Dolan, Athletics Department
  • Fr. Gregoire Fluet, Office of Campus Ministry
  • Linda Kelly, School of Nursing
  • Maggie Kemp, Office of Disability Services
  • Priya Mendez, Division of Education
  • John Mulqueen, Facilities
  • Christopher Neyen, Communication, Art, and Digital Media (Arts and Letters)
  • Anthony Scardillo, School of Business
  • Cindy Senese-Sherilla, Office of Advancement
  • Patricia Stolz, Athletics Department
  • Kimberly Sullivan, School of Nursing
  • Adriana Syngjyllari, Facilities
  • R. Jason VanDunk, Facilities
  • Robert Wakeman, Division of Arts and Letters
  • Neirouz Watad, School of Business
  • Alisha Williams-McCorvey, Office of Student Affairs
  • Jeffrey Yang, Office of Information Technology


10 years (2012)

  • Antonia Brewer, School of Nursing
  • Peter Carofano, Athletics Department
  • Matt Frey, Office of Marketing and Communications
  • Robert Miller, Division of Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Trevor Purcell, Athletics Department
  • Douglas Smith, Facilities Department
  • Kathleen Venable, Division of Mathematics and Information Technology


15 years (2007)

  • Carl Hoegler, Division of Natural Sciences
  • Catherine McLoughlin, Bishop Dunn Memorial School
  • Glenn Reynolds, Division of Social Sciences
  • Vera Rubeo, School of Nursing
  • Barbara Seymour, Office of Health Services
  • Marie-Therese Sulit, Division of Arts and Letters


20 years (2002)

  • Maria Fernandez, Facilities
  • Lee Fothergill, Division of Mathematics and Information Technology
  • Karen Johnson, Office of Security and Safety
  • Delbra Lane, Office of Security and Safety
  • Amanda Maynard, Division of Social Sciences
  • Candelaria Pinzon, Facilities



25 years (1997)

  • Nancy Benfer, Bishop Dunn Memorial School
  • Norma Pettus, Office of Security and Safety


30 years (1992)

  • Joseph Dzierzyk, Facilities
  • Carmen Vergaray, Facilities
  • James Whitaker, Facilities


35 years (1987)

  • Elaine O’Grady, Office of Student Affairs


40 years (1982)

  • Susan Petronella, Division of Natural Sciences


45 Years (1977)

  • Paul Schwartz, Division of Social Sciences


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