- by Mount Saint Mary College

Mount Saint Mary College students in Business professor Tracey Niemotko’s Contemporary Accounting Theory class finished their semester by discussing their experiences with their mentors, a group of local certified public accountant accountants (CPAs).

 Students in this senior level class, as part of the course curriculum, interviewed their assigned CPA mentors, many of whom are partners at local CPA firms. The exercise incorporated service-learning through the outreach with these local accounting professionals, who volunteer to serve as mentors for students in the class. Students worked with and interviewed their accounting mentors then wrote a report reflecting their experiences.

“In addition to this valuable service-learning opportunity, students further developed their written and verbal ‘soft’ communication skills through their written reports, presentations, and correspondences with mentors,” Niemotko noted.

The final presentations were held in person, with the CPAs attending via Zoom. The CPA mentors were:

  • Tracy Badgley, partner with PKF O’Connor Davies
  • Denise Finney, president of Mid-Hudson Chapter of the NYSSCPAs; partner with the Eisner Advisory Group LLC; and partner with EisnerAmper LLP
  • Jennifer R. George, partner with RBT CPAs, LLP
  • Maria Petrollese, Financial Reporting and Research Supervisor, Central Hudson Gas & Electric
  • Magda Reyes, a 2010 Mount alumna, and Consultant/Event Management professional
  • Rob Unger, partner with JGS, CPA, P.C.

Niemotko has been teaching Accounting for more than three decades and strives to bridge the gap between academia and practice by remaining active in the accounting profession. She passes this real-world experience on to her students for hands-on learning and networking.

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