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Merle Becker, instructor of Digital Media Production at Mount Saint Mary College, teaches a Photoshop class.

As Mount Saint Mary College began the Fall 2023 semester, it officially debuted The School of Arts, Sciences, and Education (SASE).

Bringing together six divisions at the heart of a liberal arts education under one umbrella, SASE provides more efficient and equitable management and a more consistent structure across each academic area.

These include the Divisions of Communication, Art, and Digital Media (CADM); Education; Humanities; Mathematics and Information Technology; Natural Sciences; and Social Sciences.

Within this new academic school, the most prominent change is the introduction of the Division of Humanities. Combining what were previously the Division of Arts and Letters and the Division of Philosophy and Religious Studies, the Division of Humanities is all about exploration, encouraging deep thought and frank discussions within the classroom.

CADM, originally part of Arts and Letters, has also become its own division, and houses the departments of Digital Media Production, Technology and Digital Media, Visual Communication – Graphic Design, and Journalism. Advertising and Public Relations, originally part of CADM, is now part of the School of Business.

Through the School’s dedicated faculty, students have the opportunity to actively engage in the processes of intellectual curiosity and inquiry, and the distinctive human exploration of values and meaning throughout the various areas of study within its divisions. This also allows for the opportunity to double major or minor in one of many areas of study, enhancing the expertise of students in relation to their chosen primary fields of study.

Complementing the Schools of Business and Nursing, SASE prepares students for a wide range of competencies with skills such as creative thinking, collaborative problem solving, and awareness of diverse cultural perspectives, effective communication, and ethical decision making – all essential in the preparation of students to become accomplished professionals in their respective fields.

Using a personalized approach in both teaching and advising, SASE is committed to developing professionals through a culture of community engagement that integrates academics, service-learning, and the development of workforce skills. 


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