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The Kaplan Family Library and Learning Center at Mount Saint Mary College, along with the Office of Academic Affairs, recently celebrated the achievements of faculty, staff, and alumni who have contributed to the literary world in the past year. 

Mount alumnae and twin sisters Mary Ellen Doherty and Elizabeth Scannell-Desch (Nursing Alumni Liaison) co-authored two pieces: “Women’s Journeys to Posttraumatic Growth: A Guide for the Helping Professions and Women Who Have Experienced Trauma” (Routledge, 2023) and “Post-traumatic Growth in Women Who Have Experienced Intimate Partner Abuse” (Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services, 61(8), 2023)

Jodie T. Fahey, associate professor of Chemistry; Micah Modell, assistant professor of Information Technology; Rob Wakeman, associate English professor; Yasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein, former associate professor of Psychology; and Mount alumna Emily Mazzurco contributed to “Humanizing the Classroom in the Face of a Dehumanizing Pandemic” in Pandemic Pedagogy: Preparedness in Uncertain Times (Emerald Publishing, 2023).

Michael L. Fox, JD, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs and associate professor of Business Law, published “You Can’t Tell Mom or Dad: What is the Significance of Family Post-Dobbs if Congress and the Federal Courts Do Not Recognize a Parent-Child Privilege?” in the 47 Seton Hall Legislative Journal 60(1), Oct. 2023, and the third edition of this book, Primer for an Evolving eWorld (Kendall Hunt, 2023).

Denise A. Garofalo, librarian for Systems and Catalog Services, shared her poetic talents with “Hope,” “Muddy Puddling,” and “Too Soon?,” published by Hudson Valley Writers Guild in 2023. She also wrote “Rejuvenated,” “Wind,” and “Is It Spring?,” published in Offline 2022 Poetry Yearbook (Exsoultas Press, 2023.)

Linda Kelly, associate professor of Nursing, and Susan LaRocco, former Dean of the Mount’s School of Nursing, co-wrote “Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Service Learning Opportunity with Children,” published in the Nurse Educator, 2023.

Michael McGuire, assistant professor of History and Political Science, authored “At (Red) Cross Purposes: The American Red Cross Humanitarian ‘Arrogance’ and France’s Great War Relief and Reconstruction, 1917-1920” in the European Review of History, 30(5), 2023 and “Anne Dike and Anne Morgan: Recreating France Through Public Cinema” in Creative Women of the “Lost Generation”: Women in the Arts in the Wake of the Great War (Routledge, 2023).

Robert Miller, associate professor of Theology and Religious Studies, published his poem “The Redeemer’s Redeemers” in A Journal of Catholic Poetry, 2023.

Thuy Linh Nguyen, associate professor of History, reviewed the book Black Market Business: Selling Sex in Northern Vietnam, 1920–1945 by Christina Elizabeth Firpo (Cornell University Press, 2023) in the American Historical Review, 128(2), 2023.

Glenn Reynolds, professor of History, wrote the book Movies on a Mission: American Protestants and the Foreign Missionary Film, 1906-1956 (McFarland Press, 2023).

Carol A. Wanyo, assistant professor of Nursing, wrote: “Wald’s Leadership: Public Health Nurses’ Response to the 1918 Influenza Pandemic,” published in Public Health Nursing, 40(6), 2023.

Congratulations were given by Fr. Gregoire Fluet, Interim President of the Mount and Director of Campus Ministry, and author recognition was provided by Evan Merkhofer, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs.


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