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After graduating from Mount Saint Mary College in 2013, Gabriela Goldberg-Kosinski took on a variety of roles, from grad student to fashion blogger. But none have been as rewarding as becoming an entrepreneur. Headshot of Gabriela Goldberg-Kosinski.

On December 28, 2020, Kosinski launched the website for her new cosmetics business, B • LIVELY BEAUTY. It can be found at 

At the Mount, Kosinski majored in Biology with a double minor in Chemistry and Psychology. She recently returned to her alma mater as an adjunct, teaching Microbiology lab classes. She’s run the gamut of careers from retail to research.  

But through it all, she never forgot her dream to open her own business.

 “I wanted to found a company to help funnel money into useful organizations, like domestic violence shelters, animal shelters,” and more, Kosinski explained.

Unfortunately, she never had the time to realize that idea. But then – like a lot of people – Kosinski found herself with more flexibility due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“That’s when I said to myself, ‘You know what? I’m just going to do it,’” she explained. 

Combining her Mount education, her Master’s degree from New York Medical College, and her experience in the beauty industry, Kosinski created her own clean, vegan, and cruelty free cosmetic brand that is rooted in philanthropy: B • LIVELY BEAUTY. She makes all the products herself and adheres to both US and European chemical standards.

"The idea of giving back is what started the brand, and it excites me so much to be able to do just that...that really is the best part." - Gabriela Goldberg-Kosinski

“I spent a year and a half planning the whole thing,” Kosinski said. “I wanted the data to back it up. I wanted to make sure the formulation was perfect.” 

For every product purchased from B • LIVELY, Kosinski donates either money or her cosmetics to those in need, including local and national organizations. For example, her lip gloss is buy one, donate one. 

The Mount is what gave her the foundation to become the successful business owner she is today. For example, she credits Carl Hoegler, Biology professor, with helping to sharpen her communication and public speaking skills.

Suparna Bhalla, associate professor of Biology, “has given me so much self-confidence,” Kosinski said. “She always made me feel like being me – an eccentric, sometimes loud, enthusiastic person – was OK.”

Lynn Maelia, professor of Chemistry, “prepared me to create the most organized notes and formulas,” said Kosinski. “Her training has helped me to become the scientist I am today.”

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