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Mount Saint Mary College’s Division of Philosophy and Religious Studies is proud to announce the addition of a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies.

Both were originally available as minors at the college. Now, students can take either a major or a minor in these disciplines. 


Philosophy Major

The Philosophy major enhances critical thinking and deductive skills, as well as giving students a broader understanding of the world around them.

Philosophy is the study of life. With an emphasis on moral and ethical thought, the field offers a chance to ponder, discuss, and expand one’s knowledge of life and the universe.

At the Mount, Philosophy majors will investigate a sequence of foundational courses addressing the areas of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and logic, and will continue to investigate these topics in advanced courses in one of several defined tracks. Through these varying tracks, students will have the opportunity to reflect on the many ways Philosophy connects with a variety of academic disciplines and interests, including how the major supplements the college’s focus on community service.

These skills will allow students to focus on the fundamental issues of existence, particularly those associated with the human person. Along with the insights gained from examining these issues, Philosophy students’ studies will aid in the development of critical thinking, communication, and interdisciplinary skills necessary for a student’s education and preparation beyond the classroom. 


Theology and Religious Studies Major

The Theology and Religious Studies major offers students the opportunity to have open, real conversations about theology, culture, history, diverse issues within the field, and their place in the world.

With an emphasis on the importance of respectful dialogue, Theology and Religious Studies offers an outlet for creative thought around the knowledge of God and topics of faith.

At the Mount, Theology and Religious Studies majors will have a broader understanding of religion and its impact on the world through courses that provide foundational knowledge of religion and evaluate religion’s impact on everyday life. Through this coursework, students will be able to put into conversation varying topics of scripture, systematics, and spirituality. Students will also be able to take part in experiential learning: opportunities outside of the classroom that include service experience, internships, and retreats.

These skills will allow students to focus on the college’s Dominican heritage and the emphasis on seeking truth. Along with the insights gained from examining varying aspects of faith, Theology and Religious Studies students will gain deductive, critical thinking, and language skills that will give them a broader appreciation of religion in general for personal study and reflection.


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