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Mount Saint Mary College

Carol Wanyo, assistant professor of Nursing at Mount Saint Mary College, recently earned the Coin of Excellence Award for providing Influenza shots to Cadets at West Point Military Academy. 

Wanyo received the West Point Military Academy/Keller Army Community Hospital Coin of Excellence Award for her outstanding partnership in overseeing Mount students in providing more than 4,000 influenza shots to cadets in the autumn of 2023.

With more than 30 years of experience in population-based public health nursing, Wanyo provides clinical and community-based care to underprivileged and diverse populations. She is passionate about sharing with Mount Nursing students her years of experience as a nurse executive, clinician, educator, and researcher. 

 Wanyo has directed, planned, and coordinated Mount Nursing students in delivering quality community-based educational programs and interventions within and throughout our neighboring counties. 

In community settings, Wanyo’s work focuses on promoting health and preventing disease through cooperation and partnership, which is what previously earned her the West Point Military Academy Award for vaccination support during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. 


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