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Sascha Mallon, adjunct Professor of Ceramics and Painting at the Mount, pictured with her artwork on display at the Pen + Brush Gallery in New York City. 


The artwork of Sascha Mallon, adjunct professor of Painting and Ceramics at Mount Saint Mary College, is being showcased at the Pen + Brush Gallery of New York City as part of its first exhibition of the year, “The Ripening.”

The installation will be on display through Saturday, May 20. Pen + Brush is located at 29 East 22nd Street.

Mallon’s work is presented alongside 14 other artists, whose pieces will speak to the theme of “otherhood, pain, desire, and power as ways of self-actualizing identity,” according to the gallery’s page for the event.

Mallon’s piece incorporates a painted mountain landscape, along with porcelain sculptures of varying sizes to depict humans, animals, objects, and plants. She says that the mountain landscape, a recurring theme in her work, represents a metaphor for the body and alludes to her Austrian heritage. While the porcelain sculptures have distance between them, she explained, they are all connected and interact with each other.

“We are all connected by a common desire to be safe and happy and the common struggle of being bound to impermanence,” Mallon explained. “My installation points towards the hope for a kinder, better world, where we use our inner fire to warm each other.”

Mallon added that she hopes that the intricate details of her piece encourage viewers to “slow down, reflect, and look more closely.”

Currently, much of her work speaks to themes such as the interconnection of all beings, mind, impermanence, and the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

“There is a surreal quality to my work,” she said. “I work very intuitively and spontaneously, creating dreamlike worlds.”

Besides being an adjunct professor at the Mount, Mallon works as the Hospital-Artist-in-Residence for the Creative Center NYC at Mount Sinai Hospital in Oncology/BMT and Hematology. She’s also a certified meditation teacher at the Tibet House in New York City.


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