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Mount Saint Mary College student Anthony Acosta.

With graduation just a few days away, many college students are anxious to begin the next step in their lives. For Mount Saint Mary College senior Anthony Acosta of Washingtonville, N.Y., this next step started with an internship earlier in the semester. 

Acosta, a Psychology major with a focus in Physical Therapy, recently accepted a job as a rehab tech at Bardonia Physical Therapy, an outpatient clinic in Monroe, N.Y., where he had also completed his internship. When first inquiring about a position, they offered him an internship on the spot, having worked with several students from the Mount and with Elizabeth Schmidt, Head Athletic Trainer, before she came to the college. 

At the end of his internship, Acosta was offered a more permanent position with the company, and was given the opportunity to work while completing his studies as a full-time student.

“I enjoy meeting and building relationships with all of the patients that I work with, and I enjoy being able to teach them and inspire them to keep getting better,” Acosta explained. “I also enjoy being able to work with licensed physical therapists and learn so many things from them about their philosophies. My favorite is when a patient comes in and tells me that what we do is working for them and that they are feeling better.”

He added, “It is very relieving having a position in a job field that pertains to my career, but there is still much to learn that I have to go to graduate school to accomplish.” 

In addition to his strong work ethic and ambitious personality, Acosta credits his time at the Mount for helping to mold him into the success he is today. One experience that stood out to him was being a member of the Mount’s track and field team, where he became familiar with many of the different stretches and exercises that he would later be asked to teach his patients. 

He is also grateful to the Mount professors who have guided him throughout his academic career. Acosta thanked Paul Schwartz, professor of Psychology, “for teaching [me] so much and pushing me to strive for more, and also introducing me to the field of Psychology and how important it is to everyday life and my career itself.” 

As he begins his new career and prepares for Commencement, Acosta looks back on his college years with a great sense of accomplishment.  

“I am thankful for all of the opportunities that I have been granted at this institution and all the doors that it has opened up for my future endeavors,” he said. “I know in my heart that I will always carry the blessing of the Knights.” 


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