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Anthony Scardillo, assistant professor of Marketing at Mount Saint Mary College.

Anthony Scardillo, assistant professor of Marketing at Mount Saint Mary College, recently presented “S-E-O and Y-O-U! How Search Engine Optimization Affects Everything,” the final event of the Investigating Research on Campus (iROC) series for the Fall 2022 semester.

Scardillo explained that SEO is the science of improving a website to increase its visibility when people search for products or services.

“The more visibility a brand has on search engines, the more likely that brand captures business,” he said.

Last summer, Scardillo attended a two-day conference in Boston focusing on search engine optimization. The experience inspired him to take a closer look at how companies of all kinds are utilizing SEO data.

“SEO affects every one of us today, not just in marketing,” Scardillo explained. “Yes, good SEO will generate more visits to your website, but it can also help consumers find the right material at the right time. This can be a real benefit in time saved.” 

For example, in higher education, good SEO can help to attract the target audience to a college’s website, thereby increasing enrollment.

Scardillo is an award-winning advertising, marketing and sales professional who transitioned into academia in 2004. His research is based on job satisfaction, and in this pursuit, he has developed his mantra: “Are we having fun yet?”

“I have always been a techie, right from my sophomore year in high school with dial-up terminals that linked to a mainframe,” noted Scardillo. “Over the years, I have seen my industry evolve and change primarily due to the development of new technology. It fascinates me and I enjoy learning more about the subject!”

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