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Mount Saint Mary College’s Center on Aging and DIS-Ability Policy (CADP) and Desmond Center for Community Engagement and Wellness will host a public forum regarding the New York State Office of Aging’s (NYSOFA) upcoming Four-Year Plan for the federal government on Thursday, May 25 at 11 a.m.

The event, approximately 90 minutes long, will take place at Mount Saint Mary College’s Aquinas Hall Theatre and is free and open to the public.

Representatives from NYSOFA and the Orange County Office for the Aging (OCOFA) will be on-hand to discuss the Four-Year Plan and how NYSOFA and its network will address federal priorities for older adults in the following focus areas:

  • Long Term Care reform
  • Continuing to address COVID-19
  • Targeting and equity and supporting individuals of greatest social and economic need
  • Building system capacity
  • Caregiving supports

Those in attendance will also learn the results of NYSOFA’s Statewide Community Assessment Survey answered by more than 26,000 adult New Yorkers.

The Mount’s CADP is directed by Lawrence T. Force, a Psychology professor, and Jeffery Kahana, associate professor of History. 

Force, a gerontologist, has worked in the field of aging and disabilities for more than three decades as an administrator, clinician, and educator. Kahana, in addition to teaching at the Mount and working with the Center on Aging and Disability Policy, is a prolific author on subjects ranging from academics to social issues in the United States.

The Mount’s Desmond Center provides wellness and educational services for underserved individuals and families, including the uninsured. The center is overseen by executive director Genesis Ramos. Ashley Collazo serves as program director. For more information, visit



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