- by Mount Saint Mary College
Rabbi Daniel Swartz shared his thoughts on the intersections of faith and climate justice at Mount Saint Mary College.

Rabbi Daniel Swartz, executive director of the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life and spiritual leader at the Temple Hesed of Scranton, spoke to the Mount Saint Mary College community on Thursday, March 30 about his 2021 visit to the Vatican to discuss climate change with faith leaders and scientists from around the world.

His talk, “Climate, Justice, and Faith: From the Jewish Tradition to the Vatican,” was cosponsored by the Catholic and Dominican Institute (CDI) and the college’s Environmental Sustainability Committee.

Rabbi Swartz was one of 40 faith leaders to participate in this dialogue led by Pope Francis, where they ultimately wrote an appeal to raise awareness for threats facing the climate.

He outlined the main points of the dialogue at the Vatican, as well as excerpts from the group’s written appeal with specific requests for world leaders. He also explained how the teachings of various faiths emphasize the need to take care of the planet.

By the end of his talk, Swartz provided listeners with several ways individuals can take positive action to help the planet, including political engagement.

“In the end, unless we change our laws and our policies, it will not be enough,” Swartz said. “We need to change the way our society acts and what it values by getting the right people elected who will take action on this.”


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