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Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction

Have you ever thought about the role that technology plays in our lives? The study of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) studies the impacts of technology on the human experience from both psychological and technological perspectives. Companies will hire those with training in this field to assess their products and services holistically - what are their potential impacts from an economical, physical, psychological, and ethical standpoint? Let's find out together.

Why study Human Computer Interaction?

Professor teaching at front of roomHere's what makes the Human Computer Interaction concentration at the Mount unique:

  • Multidisciplinary: Obviously you'll be taking technology classes in this concentration, but the whole point of Human Computer Interaction studies is to look at technology outside of itself. That's why you'll also take courses in psychology, business, and math, in order to understand the broad-reaching impacts of technology from all aspects of life.
  • Research opportunities: A great way to enhance your studies is through our Summer Undergraduate Research Experience, where you can participate in paid one-on-one research with a faculty member. Since Human Computer Interaction is so multifaceted, this will allow you to get even further experience and research time outside of the classroom!
  • Understand all aspects of IT: By having Human Computer Interaction as a concentration within the Information Technology major, you won’t just learn about the theoretical aspects of technology; you’ll also understand it practically, allowing you to repair, support, and administrate it as well as analyze it.
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What to expect as a Human Computer Interaction student

24 credits in Information Technology | 24 credits in Human Computer Interaction | 2.0 GPA or higher

Learn about Human Computer Interaction academic requirements and courses here.

Your courses in Human Computer Interaction, enhancing what you learn in your general Information Technology classes, will focus on the impacts of technology and how technology can better serve the humans who will use it. 

Those in our Human Computer Interaction concentration are also highly encouraged to take advantage of internships and co-ops. These experiences are often paid, and many have led to job offers for our students. Plus, the real world, hands-on experience you receive through these experiences is invaluable! You’ll want to start talking to the Career Center early on in your studies to help you find the perfect experience (or experiences!).

Be prepared for your future

With your concentration in Human Computer Interaction, you’ll be particularly qualified for positions in technology consulting, front-end designing or developing, user experience and information architecture, and more.

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Assistant Professor of Information Technology
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Associate Professor of Information Technology
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